Freedom UAV

A highly adaptable, versatile UAS system.


This system is a medium sized, multi-rotor with long-duration flight time, heavy lift capacity (for its size) and easily integrable and swappable payloads.  This system has long range low-latency robust and encrypted communications systems.  It is day and night-time operations capable.  This is designed to be a highly adaptable, easy to operate solution that can integrate and carry advanced sensors and payloads.  Our base model is the Freedom UAS.  It is an 840mm quad-rotor UAS System.  This system is a very versatile, well-rounded commercial UAS system built to meet most needs.  This system was designed for hauling many different payloads from cameras to multi-spectral sensors to payload drops for search and rescue.  We can custom make many different mounting solutions that will fit your needs.  We offer advanced systems integration for new technologies.


  • Thrust: 42 lbs
  • Size:  840mm
  • Weight (without camera): 10 lbs
  • Battery life (without camera):  30 min
  • Propellars :  16 x 5
  • Security:  AES 128 bit encryption, upgradable to 256 bit, long-range encrypted radio for control


  • fly night or day with daylight and infrared camera systems,
  • capability to install many different payloads on our UAVs,


  • mapping: accurate mapping with GPS Geotag location,
  • aerial 3D modelling,
  • inspection: airport, crane, building, infrastructure (pipeline, powerline) agriculture, roof, dam,
  • disaster relief: post natural disaster such as hurricane, tornado, fire, volcano, flooding,
  • surveillance: real-time situational awareness, in-field live video to team members,
  • border patrol,
  • fire-line mapping,
  • search and rescue, day or night