Eagle Vision Z30-640 F

the eagle vision z30-640 F is ndaa compliant and american-made.

This is a DUAL sensor camera solution with 30x optical zoom EO SENSOR with up to 240x zoom utilizing OPTICAL, digital and superzoom, fitted with a FLIR radiometric, thermal 640 x 512 sensor.  This camera solution can be used as a stand Alone camera solution, fitted to a gimbal, or purchased pre-integrated into our UAV platforms. All that is needed to get this camera system into operation is a 12V power connection and ethernet connection to a radio or computer of your choice, and you are in business!  THIS MEANS YOU CAN UTILIZE THIS CAMERA SYSTEM ON ANY DRONE, ROVER OR ROBOTICS SYSTEM!

EO Camera specifications

8.51 MP

Video Format:
4K, 1080p 720p, 480p

Optical Zoom:
30x with Superzoom

Digital Zoom:

Super resolution:
30x optical, up to 240x zoom with optical, digital and Superzoom

Image Stabilizer:
The camera’s built-in image stabilizer function counters the effects of blurred, shaky images caused by low-frequency vibration.  It is useful for outdoor surveillance and traffic monitoring applications where the camera may be subject to wind or mechanical vibration such as on a bridge or mounting pole.

Advanced 2D/3D Noise Reduction:
Advanced noise reduction technology filters noise from the image for clearer results, especially in low-light conditions.  Noise reduction can be selected from 6 steps to suit a wide range of operating environments.

Clear VIsion Round the Clock with Day/Night:
Benefit from optimized picture quality in changing light conditions – a frequent challenge in round-the-clock operations.  In high sensitivity mode the camera can operate effectively in lighting levels as low as 0.21lx (50%, ICR off, Slow Shutter 1/4s, High Sensitivity off) and 0.06lx (50%, ICR off, Slow Shutter 1/4s, High Sensitivity on).

Visibility Enhancer and De-fog:
Picture quality is enhanced dynamically and adaptively on a pixel-by-pixel basis while continuously adapting to the scene within the given dynamic range.  There’s also a de-fog feature that allows clearer viewing in foggy or misty scenes.

Auto ICR (Auto IR-cut Filter Removal):
In low light conditions, the camera automatically switches from day to night mode, removing the IR-cut filter to boost sensitivity for clear pictures in near-darkness.

Wide Range of Features for Versatile Operation:
Versatile operation is ensured by a wide range of functions and adjustments, including White Balance modes, Picture effects (E-Flip, Black & White, Mirror image, Colour Enhancement, Gamma), Privacy Zone Masking;  Picture freeze; Shutter Priority; Iris Priority (26 steps) Slow AE response etc.

Thermal Specifications

640 x 512 – 32 degree HFoV
12 um pixel pitch Vox microbolometer
Ruggedized construction.

Professional Grade
<50 mK NEDT
Radiometric Thermal Camera Core

14 mm

    Why Radiometry?
    There are times when a simple thermal image is not enough to interpret a scene.  In these scenarios, the ability to detect and record the temperature data from every pixel is vital to the task at hand.  Radiometric thermal cameras measure the intensity of infrared signals reaching the camera to provide an accurate temperature reading of objects in the scene.


      Video Codecs: H.265 and H.264

      Encoding Resolutions:
      4Kp30, 1080p (up to 60 fps), 720p, NTSC/PAL, VGA, CIF, and QVGA

      Output Formats:

      • Easy-to-use HTTP/HTTPS web GUI with live video preview
      • Send VISCA and camera controls over IP with web GUI or serial camera controls
      • Simultaneous streaming and recording to NFS or micro-SD card
      • ONVIF profile S and T
      • Embedded KLV metadata support via serial, MISB 0601 compliant
      • High precision timestamps across multiple streams, MISB 0604 compliant
      • MultiLine text overlay via the web Gui or the API
      • Logo or image overlay via the API
      • NMEA GPS overlay
      • Region of interest: configurable field of view

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